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  • Thank you for your diligent effort to understand and solve the problem to my satisfaction. Customer service like this is like a fresh spring shower amid muddied trips back and forth to various, seemingly unknowing, and maybe uncaring departments.

    My new eiPOT arrived and was immediately put to use. As much as I loved the SVM/FMM, this unit is even better, faster, and more compact due to the built in air pump.

    This morning's scrambled eggs were more like a savory custard than regular pan cooked eggs, much to my delight. I recommend this company and its products to anyone interested in sous vide cooking. The eiPOT is truly professional quality for the home cook. Thanks again Frank.

    I would be happy for this note to be used as a testimonial to satisfaction.

    -David Kelley
  • Just wanted to let you know I received my SVM in good order and did a first test this afternoon. I purchased a rice cooker (1250 watt) and hooked it all up without changing any settings. After about 15 minutes (starting with the water temp at 45C) it reached 55C and about 10 minutes later i never observed a jump in temperature for more than 0.1C! I'm absolutely over the moon with this result! I expected I needed to do some tweaking and never thought I'd get this fantastic result!

    I attached a picture of my temporary setup (this was about 20 minutes in).

    Thank you very much and all the best from Amsterdam the Netherlands.

    Kind regards,
    Marc Roos (a very happy customer) (April 2013)
  • Thanks FMS for the great sous vide controller, we've made many delicious meals since its arrival 3 months ago and we're still finding new and interesting dishes to cook every week. I'm particularly impressed with how easy it has become to cook for large numbers of guests; sous vide the main course and focus on enjoying yourself.

    Robbie Sands
  • Sous Vide Engineering at it's Best

    I recently received my new eIPOT system . . . WOW! It is simple to set up and use. My first batch of chicken breasts (67C - 4hrs.) were done in an 11 Liter S.S. Tramontia stock pot wrapped with a thermal blanket. Deeeelicious. My hat is off to Frank and his team.

    -Edward Bloom
  • Hi Frank,

    Was overseas for the past 2 weeks... would be more than happy to assist with a testimonial...

    Prompt service! Getting a reply by the next day definitely puts you at ease, knowing that your concerns are addressed. Good product, good after sales service.. what more could you ask for!

    - ammar

  • Frank,
    I just used the 1500E for the first time tonight and the results were awesome.
    I have attached some pictures.
    The 1500e is hooked into a horizon bar I have installed in my kitchen, and it is stable above the water pot.
    I cooked a tenderloin steak for 1 hour at 55C, perfectly medium rare on the inside.

    Millan Choi, HK Dec/2012
  • Hello Frank!
    Got it today!!!
    Already calibrated with my distiller tank, it was fast, now operating with just a max. 0.3 degree overshoot and max. 0.1 deg. under, great! Tested with two eggs, perfect...
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful equipment!!!
    You should advertise more about the "Auto Tune" feature, that´s very important and all the cheaper/similar equip. simply don´t have it. Also, the automatic 110V/220V feature is highly important for many people...


    Best Regards,
    Jose Luiz Oliveira, Brazil   Oct/2012

  • I really have to admit that you got a great product there. Ordered the SVM last week, was delivered yesterday, after a simple auto calibration on my 10cup (very small) rice cooker I tried a 700g roast saddle of venison today. 3,5 hours at 57°C with a short roast on a grill afterwards (60 seconds per side).... never ate something that tender! I am really amazed. Every time I looked I had at most 0.1°C deviation which is astonishing for only one single auto calibration if you ask me.

    Manuel Schweiger, Mexico  NOV/2012

  • The SVM arrived from the other side of the world in about a week, which was pretty quick I think.  Everything I could have expected was included. I was up and cooking within a minute and setting the machine was quite intuitive. Results have been better than I expected. I'm seriously considering buying another for making yogurt.  I fermented one small container of yogurt and it was perfect, but I use the SVM almost every night and I can't bear to be without it. I would highly recommend the SVM and Frank's service.  In fact, I have recommended it!  Feel free to contact me directly on my blog at

    Jason Rogers     Port Macquarie NSW, Australia     Customer Since: May 2011

  • Thanks so much for the prompt service and postage of my SousVideMagic (SVM). I was very impressed how quickly you responded to my emails, and also by the fact that you have a representative in Sydney to handle any aftersales services/ warranties. My SVM has worked flawlessly over the last month! Your representative in Sydney is so friendly and helpful!

    Michael Tay     Sydney, Australia     Customer Since: May 2011

  • I love my SousVideMagic! I have been able to sous vide a variety of meats with different machines (slow cooker and a large turkey fryer) controlled with SVM and it works beautifully. When I had an issue with the machine, Frank at Fresh Meals was quick to respond and fixed it. I cannot think of any other company with such outstanding customer service. Thanks again.

    Roland     Los Angeles, CA     Customer Since: May 2010

  • The SousVideMagic and FreshMealsMagic combo is easy to use, accurate and inexpensive. The more I use it, the more I want to use it because sous vide cooking is so versatile and such a time saver! The Fresh Meals Solutions customer service is amazingly responsive. Frank goes above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

    Andrew V.     Texas, USA     Customer Since: October 2010

  • The SousVideMagic 1500D / FreshMealsMagic 2000W combo is very versatile, fast ramping up, and makes very good stability possible with adequate PID tuning. The large 18L pot avoids significant temperature drop when adding cold food. See my last post in the “old” sous vide topic in eGullet forums. See also and

    PedroG     Switzerland     Customer Since: 2009

  • Over the past 4 years, I have purchased from FreshMealsSolutions two SousVideMagic's (SVM) and several different size rice cookers. The SousVideMagic was so wonderful that I had to have another one for my house upstate. When I bought my first one, Frank was so attentitive and helpful by email, it was almost as though he was in the kitchen with me. With his help and advice, I have got through my fears and am now a confident sous vider. Frank's personal interest and patience was really appreciated. One of the advantages of sous viding with the SVM is that I can use it with different size cookers. I feel lucky that I chose the SVM when first investigating sous vide.

    Robert Arnold     New York City, NY     Customer Since: 2008

  • I started off using SousVideMagic for my sous vide cooking and it worked really well.  I've since given mine to my parents and bought one for my Mother-in-law, all who really love using them.  I'd recommend SousVideMagic for anyone looking to get started with sous vide cooking.

    Jason Logsdon from     Conneticut, USA     Customer Since: 2009

  • We have been using the SVM 1500D for over a year, for both small test batches and large scale production. We have just ordered another unit to process gourmet cheeses. We have not had a single product failure, and highly recommend it for use with the Hamilton Beach 22 qt. Oven Roaster, as well as other large pots.

    Moshe Kagan     Los Angeles, CA     Customer Since: January 2010

  • Could not be happier with my FreshMealsMagic and SousVideMagic! Frank is a delight to work with, the unit is perfect for doing larger items than I have been able to use sous vide for in the past. It heats up amazingly quickly and maintains perfect temperature. I also know that should I have any difficulties that Frank is a quick email away to help sort it out.

    Kerry Beal     Ontario, Canada     Customer Since: September 2009

  • Bought a SVM/FMM 18L Combo. Great product.  Great support.  It’s a lot of fun to cook Sous Vide.  Have you ever had a “melt in your mouth” tender pot roast served medium rare?  Try it, you’ll love it!

    Dan Brownstone     Bloomington, IL     Customer Since: July 2010

  • Sous Vide Magic was a relatively cheap and easy way for me to get started with sous vide cooking.  I started with a SVM 1500C and a rice cooker and got a SVM 1500D with Fresh Meals Magic bubbler half a year later.  The SVM is made very well, and is extremely versatile and precise.

    Roger C.     New York, NY     Customer Since: September 2009

  • I purchased my SVM1500 years ago and I still use it to this day. If you have never cooked sous vide before and are on a budget, the SVM1500 is absolutely the way to go.

    Pablo Escolar     Customer Since: February 2010

  • I am very pleased with the SousVideMagic 1500D controller, the unit is very well made and it is easy to get very accurate temperature control.
    I am using a small slow-cooker and it keeps within 0.1 degrees C. A big advantage is the ability to use it in virtually any vessel!
    P.S. The meat comes out superb!

    C. Lloyd     London, England     Customer Since: April 2011

  • As the Executive Chef at Hotel Mortagne in Boucheville, Quebec, I personnaly own a FMM SVM 1500D combo unit. Since my purchase, I have been using it every time it’s possible to cook sous vide.  It’s an affordable and very precise way of cooking sous vide. Even for professional purposes, the 220 V unit does the job every time, with precise result. Thank you for providing me an economical way to cook sous vide.

    Yan Garzon     Boucheville, Quebec    Customer Since: August 2010

  • The SousVideMagic is a great product, works like a charm, and the customer service is really superior, both in the context of answering product questions, and also with sous vide questions. So far, I've already purchased three SVM 1500D!

    Keith B.     Edwardsville, IL     Customer Since: February 2010

  • The SVM 1500D is a superb piece of equipment that really does allow you to sous-vide in anything. I've used a jam maker, a crock pot, a kettle and a tea urn. All got 0.1C precision and perfect results every time. This is better than the immersion circulators that I have used and I'm now a SousVideMagic evangelist.

    Dave     England    Customer Since: February 2011

  • I've purchased the SVM and FMM combo. These machines are serious workhorses and can do what they set out to do. I've kept a bath controlled at temperatures for over 48 hours to great results with little to no loss of heat or water level with only the help of a towel for some top insulation. I do a lot of catering, and its helped me maximize my efficiency during service by cooking lots of items perfectly beforehand that simply need a final kiss of heat during service. Franks sensibilty with his customers is definitely first rate!

    Jonathan Mendez     New York, NY     Customer Since: October 2010

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