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Introduces $399.50 (US) eiPOT™

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We have been selling a SVM/FMM sous vide combo kit for the past 2 years with great success. Based on what we learned from SVM/FMM, we are pleased to announce a new product called eiPOT™: "e" for eco-friendly, "i" for intelligent and "POT" for any pot. With eiPOT™, you can make a pot of any volume and depth (ie. up to 120L/110Quarts volume and 1 meter/3.3ft depth using our standard FMM model) into a precision sous vide bath. It is the most cost effective and energy efficient solution in the market today. With eiPOT™, suitable for both home and commercial use, you will have a great sous vide setup with your own choice of pot. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. "Immersion heating" versus "Submersion Heating" technology: All sous vide heaters/circulators in the marketplace are using scientific industry norm "immersion heating" technolgy. The "immersion heating" technology was first developed many decades ago for the scientific instruments market for doing scientific experiments, not cooking. The heater for such system can only heat near the water bath surface and from the side of the water tank. In addition, noisy and energy-hogging mechanical stirring is essential for its proper operation. Our FMM "submersion heating" technology is different. It heats from the very bottom of the pot and can be positioned anywhere for the best heat distribution and away from the food pouches. Constant water circulation/stirring is optional and pots of any shape, size and depth within the hose/wattage limit of our FMM heater can be used. FMM's submersion heating is scalable (increase or decrease) with the use of multiple eiPOT™ units. Our least powerful single eiPOT™ with 1500W/110V heater can easily heat and maintain constant temperature bath in pots ranging from 14L to 60L capacity and to a depth of 1M/3.3ft with ease.
  2. Air bubbling circulation technology: Our new SousVideMagic controller 1500E, along with FMM III submersion heater, are the only two components of the eiPOT™ system. With its built-in air pump, the 1500E is the engine for driving the FMM submersion heater/circulator to a new level of top sous vide performance.
  3. FMM's special extrusion hose: The FMM hose is the lifeline of the whole eiPOT system. It carries sensing signal, power and compressed air to the FMM engine housing and can be extended to 3 meter/10 feet long and yet of very small diameter size thus allowing the pot to be covered to save energy. Compare to traditional immersion heater, eiPOT can do everything that immersion heater can do plus more but not vice versa.


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