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What is the best cooker for SousVideMagic to control?

Hamilton Beach 60cup coffee urn Hamilton Beach 60cup coffee urn

For the past five years, since our universal SousVideMagic controller was introduced in December 2007, many types of cooker appliances have been used by our customers from all over the world, to create precision sous vide baths suitable for professional and home use alike.

But the most frequently asked question has been: What is the best cooker appliance for SousVideMagic to control?





The above are examples of cooker appliances that SousVideMagic (SVM) can control well.

Controlling well means with proper tuning, calibration and water stirring by air bubbling or other means, SVM with its proprietary "true" water sensing technology, can control any sous vide bath within 0.1% accuracy and stability (by 0.1°C or 0.06°F). No other sous vide appliance in the market place can claim this level of performance and versatility within any price range.

We always appreciate feedback from our customers.  Thanks to them, there is another versatile low cost cooker appliance that works great: Coffee urns.

Google Image "Coffee Urn(s)" and you can find hundreds of them and no matter where you are, they are readily available and inexpensive.

Currently, for US/Canadiana customers, Costco offers a very good one made by Hamilton Beach (60 cup capacity) for about $83.32 (US)/$79.99 (Cdn).

A few features make this pairing (SVM/Coffee Urn) the best performing sous vide cooker so far:

  1. Size - the tank can hold 18 quarts/4.5 gallon/17L/60 cups of water.  For sous vide, size matters and no cooker can beat that.
  2. Powerful 1000W+ bottom heater gives fast ramping up and increased natural convection, due to its unique design for coffee percolation.
  3. Small footprint - the tall cylindral shape tank gives more water volume per square inch/cm of kitchen counter space and the long vertical water shaft increases heat convection, ideal for professional sous vide cooking.
  4. Percolator rod is perfect for tieing the SVM sensor for accurate temperature measurement.
  5. Percolator coffee holder is good for weighing down floating sous vide bags.
  6. The built-in faucet is great for draining water and cleaning.
  7. The water level gauge is always visible for low water level detection.

Now for less than $250 (US) (SVM + coffee urn) including shipping, you can have the very best sous vide cooker for your bulk cooking.

Frank Hsu, President, FMS

PS.  Please write to us ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), if you know of any other great sous vide cooker set ups.









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