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Sous Vide Thickness Ruler with Tables from Douglas Baldwin's Practical Guide

Using thickness ruler Using thickness ruler

By Peter Gruber aka PedroG

On 18 June 2011 Douglas Baldwin has published a new version 0.4i of his Practical Guide: he updated the food safety chapter and most of the heating, cooling, and pasteurization tables. Heating times are now defined from 5C/41F to 0.5C/1F less than the water baths temperature, valid for target temperatures from 45C/110F to 80C/175F, and heating times for different shapes are included. Beef pasteurization times now take E.coli into account besides Salmonella and Listeria.
So I adapted the thickness ruler to the new tables. Suggestions for improvement are welcome, as I plan to make a new thickness ruler as soon as Douglas will publish a heating time table for frozen fish.

Download here: Thickness ruler_v4_0.4i_2.pdf

Thickness ruler v4

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