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Pre-Sales Questions for $299 Bundle

Pre-Sales Questions for $299 Bundle

Please forgive my ignorance however I've used neither a rice cooker nor sous vide before.

I'd like to buy your $299 bundle, it just makes sense but I have a few questions.

Q: Is the 7" perforated steel plate part of the bundle (because if not I should buy one of those as well)?

A: The perforated plate is not part of the FMM SV kit, because you don't need it. However, in situations where you want to use SousVideMagic to control a rice cooker or slow cooker, you would need the perforated plate for better performance..

Q: My pots are All Clad & Le Creuset and the bundle includes a polycarbonate vessel, so is there any (sous-vide specific) reason to also purchase a rice cooker?

A: With the FMM SV kit, you don't need any cookers. FMM is a submersible heater and it makes any pot into a sous vide bath. If you don't want to use the FMM, you may use SVM to control a slow cooker. However, your All Clad or Le Creuset may not work if it is smart and with electronic control switch. You need simple cheap cookers with mechanical control.

Q: If so it appears that the Supentown 12L is well-made (stainless steel always preferred by me to polycarbonate) however is there any reason to prefer the Magical 9L?

A: If you get the FMM kit, think of the 18L plastic pot as a container for all storing the components. Many customers use FMM to heat large stock pots upt to 120L. The Magical 9L has a ceramic pot insert which can be very useful for soup and stew without vacuum bagging. The 12L cooker is being replaced by a new model (14L and all s/s) for the same price. If you want a cooker, we recommend the 14L cooker. This is the same cooker we use to make the Water Oven.


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