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How do you see your products being positioned in the marketplace?

How do you see your products being positioned in the marketplace?

Our main product right now is SousVideMagic(SVM), which is a microprocessor based electronic enabling device for controlling temperature of off-the-shelf rice cookers/slow cookers to cook sous-vide; it is so affordable that any sous-vide practitioners who want to cook sous-vide can now find a practical and economical way to do so.

Now, because of SVM's low cost entry point, we see there are many market opportunities::

  • For professional sous-vide chefs, who already have sous-vide cooking facilities installed; Many of them are always on the constant lookout for more baths to add to their repertoire, because one of the biggest drawback of sous-vide cooking is long duration cooking lasting many hours and sometimes days. Another compelling reason for the professional chefs to use our products is, if they have access to cheaper baths of various sizes, they can be more creative in planning their menus and productive use of their kitchen staff;
  • There are many restaurant chefs who have heard about sous-vide cooking and want to get into it, but hesitated due to its high cost of entry, would find our SousVideMagic approach very attractive to get their feet wet. We hope that once they have tried our approach and products, they would come back for more;

  • Home kitchen is another market we are positioning our products to. From our field testing trial endeavour, most of our testers are home cooks who see sous-vide cooking as a way to cook high quality and heathy gourmet foods not possible with traditional style cooking. Again, with a small investment upfront on SousVideMagic, they can get into sous-vide cooking.

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