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What is Freedomcookery?

What is Freedomcookery?

The word "Freedomcookery" was coined by Pierre de Serres, a French Canadian food scientist, who in 1983 started The Freedomcookery Company in Toronto to sell Smartpot and preach the Freedomcookery Principle. Smartpot concept is very similar to our SousVideMagic approach. Unfortunately, Pierre was 25 year ahead of its time. The Water Oven aka Smartpot was created in 1983 and is the world's first all-in-one water oven appliance for home use, despite the same claim by another sous vide cooker manufacturer only 27 years too late. It is still in use today by the author of this article. See picture below:

Pierre's basic message was:

"Time is the essence of conventional cooking. Temperature is the essence of Freedomcookery. When one cooks with precise temperature control, his/her can achieve freedom from time constraints. Furthermore, each type of food has its optimal cooked temperature zone for best culinary values (texture, taste and nutrition) and if held at cooked  temperature after cooking, food can not overcook from a temperature perspective, but only make safer and tenderer."

One important assumption on the above principle is that from a food safety point of view the temperature you are cooking and subsequently holding at is within safety temperature zone for that specific food item.


It was a profound concept and even today it is hardly understood.

I first came across this article published in on  Paula Wolfert's Search of Pierre de Serres.

Paula Wolfert is the famed cook book writer who came across Pierre de Serres' work in the 80s and wanted to write an article on Pierre.

The ending is that Pierre de Serres passed away in the late 90s without realizing his dream.

Like Paula I was looking for Pierre too,  and  I asked David to help to locate him. David Kingsmill was the Toronto Star's food writer who wrote a series of articles on Pierre's works in the early 80s. David then asked  Malcolm of Gremolata to help out and this is what Malcolm said:

"It's very good to hear from you. It was actually the American writer Paula Wolfert who asked me to help her find him, as sous vide was all the rage just then and she wanted to write about him. All leads went cold.
Then, I heard from his daughter about a year and a half ago, who told me he had died in the late 90s or early 00s. She wrote he had never quite got over the lack of success with the SmartPot. It's something of a sad story."
The Fresh Meals Solutions Company was founded with the same dream, and hopefully, this time round Pierre's profound Freedomcookery Principle is better appreciated.

Freedomcookery is really sous-vide cooking.

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