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Sous-vide cooking is about low temperature cooking, are you concerned about food safety...

Sous-vide cooking is about low temperature cooking, are you concerned about food safety...

Question:  Sous-vide cooking is about low temperature cooking, are you concerned about food safety issues related to sous-vide style cooking?

Answer: Yes, we are always concerned about food safety issues and hygiene practices when we cook food for other people to eat. Not just for sous-vide style cooking, but cooking in general.  There are a few misconceptions regarding sous-vide cooking:

  • Sous-vide is not about low temperature cooking. It is about optimal cooking temperature for certain food ingredients for their best culinary values, e.g., 80șC for pork Belly, 90șC for asparagus, 64șC medium rare steak, 72ș Hainan Chicken, 90ș Cconfit de canard, ..... etc. Experienced sous-vide cooks are well aware of temperature danger zone where food borne bacterial pathogen can thrive, often use many safety practices to make food safe to eat. Since the invention of sous-vide in the late 70s, despite its popularity in Europe, there has never been a single serious food poisoning incident in 30 years.

  • It is true that that sous-vide cooking sometimes may encroach danger zone, but professional cooks only use freshest ingredients and many techniques, like double cooking, prolonged holding time at core temperature, to make food safe to eat. You should always leave low temperature cooking to the professionals and cook only in safety zone and adhere to the FreedomCookery Principle.

  • Conventional cooking is what is known as safety-foolproof cooking. As long as you cook food at high enough temperature and long enough your food will be safe to eat. This kind of attitude gives one with a false sense of security, uses lax safety practices and sub-par food ingredients, and to be less hygiene conscious. In contrast, professional sous-vide chefs are always on guard for food safety and  personal hygiene.

Yes, we are very concerned about one thing- if sous-vide cooking becomes popular and wide-spread usage made possible by cheaper sous-vide technologies like SousVideMagic, and is moving into consumer arena, potential food safety abuses of sous-vide practices are more likely to occur. That's why we started aka aka, a community portal to focus on safety issues and definitive sous-vide settings, so all sous-vide practitioners can share their concerns, experiences and expertises.

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