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Why Should We Buy from your Company?

Why Should We Buy from your Company?

If you look at sous-vide equipment companies around the world, most of them are basically offshoots  from their scientific water bath and heater circulator business. By restructuring themselves, they think they can market their offerings to food service market better.

The Fresh Meals Solutions Company is a solution oriented company, created from ground up to serve the food service industry. If you buy from us, you will become clients of FMS with privileges like enjoying our lifetime support and sharing our expertise and experience in innovative cooking technologies. We have in house food production, testing and training facilities. We sleep and breath food. In short, we understand your language, needs and problems, so any unique culinary solutions if required can be found and implemented.

We design and manufacture all the products ourselves in meeting the exact specifications and quality requirements for professional sous vide cooking.

We ship worldwide for free!


  All US parcels are shipped from  USA depot, customs cleared!

  All Canadian and international un-tracked parcels are shipped from  Canada depot. 

  All international EXPRESS parcels with tracking are shipped from our HK depot


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