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Why SousVideMagic

Why SousVideMagic

Before we answer why SousVideMagic (SVM). We like to put to bed a misconception that SVM is only good for home use and not for demanding professional kitchens. First just look at the design specifications:

  • SVM is designed with highly sensitive thermistor sensing and full water immersion technology capable of controlling a sous vide bath with plus and minus 0.1% accuracy and stability. Most home kitchens don't need this level of performance;

  • The case housing of SVM is constructed of heavy duty aluminium extrusion, not "filmsy" consumer grade materials. It can withstand rough kitchen and shipping handling;

  • The construction of SVM is airtight-sealed so it is water-spill proof. Home kitchens do not need this level of industrial construction;

  • SVM is designed to handle heaters up to 1800W/110V and 3300W/220V. Home users seldom need this kind of heating power

  • SVM is more technologically advanced because it needs to control cookers of unknown thermodynamics. Its PID algorithm is smart and can adapt to any cookers of different types and sizes.
All makers of sous vide equipments are bundling in the PID controllers so they can charge exorbitant prices.   Because of our business model (i.e., Direct internet international sales and support) and component product packaging, we save costs so we can pass all the savings to end users, home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Some people say SVM is cheap and is only good for home use. Now, we hope you understand that it is simply not true.

"SousVideMagic (SVM) is designed with professional sous vide chefs in mind. The sudden popularity use of SVM in homes is not planned, but is due to our low cost and innovative sous vide cooking method. The strong demand of SVM in home use is a true reflection of its product quality, user friendliness and affordability." Frank Hsu, president of Fresh Meals Solutions

In fact many of our commercial customers are users of other commercial sous vide equipments. They are using SousVideMagic to compliment their sous vide operations for the simple fact that they want to offload their sous vide food items with long term (i.e., over 24 hours) cooking time, so they can free up their expensive equipments for short term sous vide recipes. Another reason is that they just want more water bath capacity. Currently, Fresh Meals Solutions is implementing 2000L sous vide facility in Toronto using highly insulated 120L pots. In another project, we are harnessing solar and wind power to cook sous vide using 24V Direct Current driven low wattage heaters.

Why SousVideMagic?

"The idea of of SousVideMagic was born out of necessity. Good quality constant temperature baths and their related equipments are readily available from many reputable scientific lab equipment companies around the world. I would really love to buy these machines, however the downside is that they are very expensive, noisy and energy inefficient. Basically, they are designed and priced for the professional scientific laboratory market with specifications that are often over-kill for sous vide culinary applications. After some research, I realized that the commonality of all these machines is their use of PID (Proportional, Integral, and Derivative) temperature controllers for precision temperature control. An idea came to me: what if we can unbundle the PID temperature controller from these costly machines, devise a unique sensing method and package all the required components in a user/kitchen friendly enclosure? This product would be able to literally turn any off-the-shelf cooker appliances into constant temperature baths, minus the tremendous costs." Frank Hsu, president of Fresh Meals Solutions

On that premise, the SousVideMagicTM was born in December, 2007.

SVM is an enabling device for controlling precise cooking temperature of rice cookers, slow cookers and other similar electric cooking appliances powered by resistive heaters. Other all-in-one sous vide cooking appliances are just a cooker with build-in PID temperature controller, there is no decisive advantage over our the SousVideMagic way, other than for aesthetics.

We currently have many thousands of devoted international users who believe that SousVideMagic is the way to cook sous vide, because they are just so many compelling benefits/advantages:

  1. Economy- Beside that SousVideMagic is so affordable, it weighs less than 1 kilogram (2.2 lb), so it can be shipped anywhere in the world for 26USD flat. We are bringing accessible and affordable sous vide technology to all corners of the world. Just buy your choice of local cooker, hook it up to SVM and play! That's all;

  2. Green- When paired with a commercial rice cooker and other suitable cookers, it is the most energy efficiently way to cook long term sous vide recipes. Use of "off the shelf" cookers also saves proliferation of more redundant appliances in your already gadgets cluttered kitchen. SVM makes any of your cookers smart enough to cook sous vide;

  3. Versatility- With SVM you can change the size and type of your cooker/bath anytime, anywhere. Unlike other sous vide equipments, you can sous vide soup and stew without bags with the SousVideMagic method. With a fixed size all-in-one sous vide appliance you are locked in and cannot switch to another cooker and you can not even take out the pot for washing. SVM can control a smoker just as well a sous vide bath. So there are many other applications you can use it for other than just sous vide cooking;

  4. Portability- SVM/rice cookers are very mobile and portable and can easily maintain set temperature while in transit in various home locales, cars/trucks and offsite makeshift kitchens. SousVideMagic is designed with international market in mind and is voltage universal thus allowing the use of any cookers in any locals around the world;

  5. Performance- With proper pairing with an appropriate cooker, you can easily set up a constant temperature bath meeting professional sous vide performance standards. SousVideMagic out-perorms all-in-one sous vide appliance for the simple reason that its sensor is actually measuring water bath temperature and not the pot. This gives precise temperature control and stability required for professional sous vide cooking. That's why you can  switch pots without sensor calibration and sensing accuracy will not degrade over time;

  6. Serviceability: because it is external to the cooker and not built-in, the components (i.e., controller, sensor and cooker) are easy to replace, service and maintain. Many sous vide users build kitchen counter drop-in sous vide bath using our FMM sous vide 18L kit for a sleek unobtrusive look instead of taking valuable space on top of your kitchen counter.

Putting a PID inside a cooker and call it an all-in-one sous vide appliance (aka Water Oven¹) is a no brainer. If you look at our product lines, everything we do is to bring about a more innovative way to do the same task more economically and at the same time with better performance and energy efficiency.

That's why we have developed an international base of very loyal sous vide users numbered in the thousands who want a better and smarter way to cook sous vide not from marketing hype, consumer-oriented packaging and consumer euphoria but based on economy, facts and common sense.


So is

your way to cook sous vide?


¹ There is a water oven in the market claimed to be world's first water oven for home use.  That's simply not true. In fact it is 26 years too late!

The world first sous vide water oven was introduced in 1983 by Pierre de Serres in Toronto. He formed the Freedom Cookery Comapany and introduced Smart Pot:

World's First Sous Vide Cooker aka Water Oven

World's First Sous Vide Cooker aka Water Bath   Toronto, 1983

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