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SousVideMagic Controllers & Heaters

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  • Who want to buy SousVideMagic controller and pair it with their own cookers or heaters. SousVideMagic is voltage universal and can be paired with any non-smart cookers like rice cookers, slow cookers, fryers, ... etc. It is the most popular way to make sous vide bath for the international market, because users can use locally acquired cookers and save the shipping costs and troubles of transporting a bulky cooker across many international boundaries.
  • Who want to buy FreshMealsMagic (FMM) submersion heater/circulator to make their own customized sous vide bath with their choice of pots and containers. FMM, unlike immersion heaters, is very versatile in pots selection to make energy efficient sous vide baths. FMM works extremely well with a deep pot and containers with lids.


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