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Sous Vide Cooker Combos and Water Ovens

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We sell several SVM/cooker combo specials for customers who want a simple pre-tuned sous vide cooker setup:

  1. SVM 14L Cooker Combo - This is our best cooker combo for the commercial or home users who want a real work horse. This sous vide combo comes with two models: one with buil-in circulation feature and the other with more energy efficient re-circulation feature.
  2. SVM 5L Cooker Combo - This cooker combo has a removable stainless steel pot and perfect for home sous vide cooks.
  3. SVM 8L Cooker Combo - This cooker combo is designed for the 220/240V market and is specially priced including free shipping to European markets.
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Note: These sous vide cookers are specially chosen and tuned for optimal performance when controlled externally by SousVideMagic controllers. Cookers when controlled by external SVM controller give you precise temperature stability within 0.1% plus the versatility to change cookers anytime.
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