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FreshMealsMagic (FMM) Heater/Air Circulator

Purchase your FreshMealsMagic (FMM) heater/bubbler 1500W          From 149.50USD


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FreshMealsMagic (FMM) is the world’s first submersion heater with integrated air circulator developed specifically for professional sous vide cooking. 
When comparing with current industry's state of the art's immersion circulators, FMM has many distinctive advantages:

  1. The water circulation is achieved with hundred of air driven bubbles thus making bath temperature very even and very quiet. Bubbling action also makes the bath very easy to stabalize to set temperature.
  2. The heater heats from the bottom in total water immersion. It heats fast and efficiently with natural convection. For long term sous vide cooking, circulation is not mandatory.
  3. FMM likes small foot print tall stock pots making more pots available for its use.
  4. Integrated small hose design making it easy to cover the pots to prevent vapor evaporation thus saving energy.
  5. FMM allows use of insulated pots up to 120L and transparent heat resistance polycarbonate containers.

It comes with 110V (1300W) or 220V (1500W/2000W) heater with integrated surround air circulation system.

SVM controller can now support twin heaters for customers who demand fast action heating in very large pots.

FMM can also support more air circulation by daisy chaining multiple mini air stones for better circulation coverage.

The FMM heater is tested to meet IP68 standard for long term water immersion  sous vide applications.

The flexible hose is extruded food safe and heat resistant silicone to house the sensor, heater's electrical wires and air conduit for the air stone diffusor.

Note: It is recommended that FMM be controlled by SousVideMagic 1500D controller. Of course, you can use other PID controllers, but it is very important that they have high temperature cut-off and other sous vide safety features.

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