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Fresh Meals Solutions introduced SousVideMagic controllers in 2007. Our advanced sous vide controllers allow ordinary cookers like rice cookers, slow cookers and resistive heaters to turn their water bath into high precision temperature controlled bath suitable for professional sous vide cooking. 

At Fresh Meals Solutions (FMS), our goal is to provide cost-effective, innovative but practical culinary solutions to challenges faced by demanding cooks who want to practice modernist food preparation methods or just simple foolproof cooking. Sous vide cooking is at the forefront of all modern revolutionary cooking techniques, and changing the way we cook to improve the quality of cooking for optimal nutrition, texture, taste, and safety.  Our specially designed sous vide culinary equipment, besides being energy efficient,  are geared towards the precise control of  temperature and time as required by the gourmet cooks. 

Our Products

SousVideMagic is the first enabling cooking device to make sous vide cooking universally affordable. Its sole function is to exert precise temperature control over a rice cooker/ slow cooker or many other cookers/heaters. Undoubtedly, this is a very simple, cost-effective and versatile way to cook sous-vide compared with expensive scientific water baths and immersion circulators.

FreshMealsMagic is the companion to our original SousVideMagic. It is the world's first submersion heater and air circulator developed specifically for professional sous vide cooking. With FreshMealsMagic (FMM), Any pots/containers of any size up to 120L can be instantly transformed into a constant temperature sous vide bath.

eiPOT sous vide system is the latest product for professional sous vide cooking with improved user interface, performance and reliability.

One common trait is very apparent: all FMS's  products are designed with the world stage cooks in mind for ease and economy of shipping backed by an extensive worldwide network of spare parts and technical support.

We have a very simple business model:

"We design and make all our products in our own factories, and sell them directly to customers at factory prices, no matter where you are."






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