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  • New  eiPOT™ SousVide system available immediately for world express shipment. New eiPOT
    eiPOT is here! New eiPOT sousvide system available for free world wide shipment... only 399.50!

  • What is the best cooker for SousVideMagic to control? What is the best cooker for SosuVideMagic to control?
    Hamilton Beach coffee urn from Costco is the best?

  • High Altitude Pressure Cooking and Stock Making High Altitude Pressure Cooking and Stock Making
    Modernist Cuisine says that the optimum pressure (really, temperature) for making stock is obtained at 1 bar or 15 psi. But that is relative to a sea level ambient pressure. To obtain the same temperature at my altitude (7000 ft., or 2133 m), I would need to run at 18.5 psi (an additional 0.5 psi per 1000 ft.), and no conventional pressure cooker with jiggle weights or spring settings is capable of doing that...

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We know why sous vide, but why SousVideMagic?

October 2016  marks the ninth anniversary since SousVideMagic (SVM) controller was introduced.

SVM is currently recognized by the industry as the most cost effective way to cook sous vide with professional results. And, that's not all!

Versatility: SVM allows you many ways to cook sous vide by simply turning ordinary cookers or when paired with  our FMM submersion heater/bubbler.

 Size: in sous vide cooking, size matters. With SVM or SVM/FMM, you are not limited to the size and type of the cookers and pots. SVM/FMM can turn your pots or large stock pots up to 60L (uninsulated) or 120L (insulated)*** into constant temperature baths. 

Universality: sous vide is a worldwide phenomenon. SVM is voltage universal and can take any local IEC power cords to power heaters up to 3300W.

Availability: most of our popular sous vide products include free worldwide shipping and can be purchased and supported from one place:

Energy:  SVM/FMM's bath can be easily covered to save energy during long-term sous vide cooking cycle.

Want a better way to cook sous vide, join us! 

*** Immersion circulators, because of the nature of technology, can only adequate heat from the side a 20L bath with a maximum depth of 16 inches. Our submersion heater/bubbler can control pots up to 36 inches (about 1 meter) and circulation is optional, because of our bottom-up  convective heat transfer technology.

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